1965 Lincoln Continental Convertible for Sale


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You can see pictures of how the car exactly looked when i t was purchased: HERE

You can see pictures of what the car looked like after it was stripped down to bare metal: HERE

You can see pictures of all the body work and fabrication work done: HERE

Any car you buy without detailed build documentations can be a surprise after you buy it. Most shops just bondo over rust, dont do proper prep work, use poor quality paint and materials, etc...After a few years, you will start seeing cracks in the paint, wavyness on the door and fenders, etc...With this car, there is no surprise. This car has over 1500 hours of body work to make sure every pannel is laser straight. There's not an ounce of rust on it as it has all been cutout and replaced with new sheet metal....

The shop I use is known for their expert body work. They don't use any bondo for rust coverups. All rust was cut out and replaced with new sheet metal. They use the heat shrinking process to remove all dents and dings. For this build, every piece of metal and trim was removed. All side windows, vent windows, etc were taken out. The doors, hood, decklid, etc were all removed. The car was then sanded down to bare metal by hand using sand paper and razor blades. Sand blasting and rotary tools were NOT used due to the potential of warping the metal. After the car was sanded down to bare metal, it was immediately hit with an etching primer. This prevents all further rusting, oxidation, etc... At this point, the sheet metal is grinded down with a thin layer of bondo which is block sanded. Then a filler primer is used to take out chicken and hair line scratches. The car is then blocked down to 150 grit. Next comes the epoxy primer which is sanded down to 220 grit. Spot putty is then used for remaining imperfections. The car is then blocked to 320 grit. Another layer of epoxy primer is applied and sanded down to 400 grit. Last but not least, the House of Kolor sealer is applied. Immediatley after the sealer is applied, 3 base coats of House of Kolor Jet Black are sprayed on to the car. Immediatly after the last coat of Jet Black, 2 coats of the carrier base with Voodo effect is applied. Finally, 4 coats of clear compete the paint job and after a few days rest, the car is color sanded and cut and buffed.